Hello 👋🏻 I'm Ludovico

Robotics and AI MSc student, Maker 🧑🏻‍💻
Interested in AI, Robotics and HealthTech 🧠
Fascinated by Art and Photography and inspired by Innovation 📸

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About me

I am currently a master's student in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at Sapienza University of Rome. I hold a BSc in Software and Automation Engineering.

During the last years had the opportunity of working for two companies and many independent projects, where I matured experience working with a team, having the responsibilities of multiple projects and documenting my work.
Lastly, I worked in my University on multiple projects involving Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (here is a short video about my thesis project).

I have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence which is connected deeply to my curiosity. I think that nowadays the use of Machine and Deep Learning techniques is the most complete tool to tackle the next big problems of this century.

Recent projects

Event Detection using GloVe word embeddings and RNN-based architectures

The task proposed is Event Detection, where the goal is to identify and categorize events in a sequence of text.

Ludovico Comito

Ludovico Comito

7 min read
Banger Detector

Banger Detector is an Open-Source project that aims to create a service to forecast whether a new song could become popular by assigning it a rating.

Ludovico Comito

Ludovico Comito

1 min read
POSTino: a mobile robot for delivery pickup

BSc thesis about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Ludovico Comito

Ludovico Comito

19 min read