Banger Detector

Banger Detector

The project 🔎

Banger Detector is an Open-Source project that aims to create a service to forecast whether a new song could become popular by rating it.

The idea was born from this dataset I found on kaggle. This dataset was retrieved by querying Spotify developer APIs, and contains many metrics about songs like key, energy, danceability etc. In particular the interesing feature is the popularity score, which suits well to be our target feature.

Starting from this foundations, we can train a model aimed at forecasting popularity. We could further develop this project by creating a front-end interface and publish it as a fully featured application.

If you want to collaborate I created a GitHub repository that you can find here. You can contact me directly via email ( or via LinkedIn.

Problems to address 🥊

As simple as it might seem, this project poses some interesting challenges. Here are some issues to address: